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  • Enabling you to set-up your own research
  • Passionate Research & Insight Consultants

What are you looking to do today?

Commission a research project

Are you looking to commission a research project? Do you have a research / insight brief that you need a bright, enthusiastic agency to respond to? We offer qual and quant project delivery to a range of clients...

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Set up your own research

Are you looking to set-up a research programme from scratch? Are you already running your own research but are in need of some advice to improve what you are doing?

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Find research / insight support

You may have a specific piece of work you need to outsource or you may be looking for an extra pair of hands to support your insight team. We have the perfect person for you...

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Profundo on the future of invention

This week we managed to catch an episode of Horizon which looked at the future of invention. A fascinating look at what is happening at the cutting edge of science and invention; ethanol being created from the genetic manipulation of bacteria; oil slicks being treated by remote control sailing boats with super long spongy tails. Really fascinating, inspiring […]

Why the Biggest Corporations Don’t Work (For the Little Guy…)

Everyone loves a good list. One of the best providers of business lists is, of course, Fortune who have recently published their 100 Best Companies to Work For 2011. Some quick analysis tells us an interesting story about these companies. There is a negative correlation between the highest ranked companies to work for and their number of employees – […]