• Delivery of first class insight projects
  • Enabling you to set-up your own research
  • Passionate Research & Insight Consultants

What are you looking to do today?

Commission a research project

Are you looking to commission a research project? Do you have a research / insight brief that you need a bright, enthusiastic agency to respond to? We offer qual and quant project delivery to a range of clients...

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Set up your own research

Are you looking to set-up a research programme from scratch? Are you already running your own research but are in need of some advice to improve what you are doing?

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Find research / insight support

You may have a specific piece of work you need to outsource or you may be looking for an extra pair of hands to support your insight team. We have the perfect person for you...

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How do I do market research?!

Don’t worry, help is at hand. Read on… We hear this kind of question a lot, from all sorts of people within all sorts of organisations. True fact… market research and the insight it generates will be transformational to your organisation, your products, your brands and ultimately to your customers. But it’s not something you can […]

Do-it-yourself market research

Market research which leads to business insights can have a transformational effect on your organisation. It has applications across all areas, such as: Analysing your markets and competitors Identifying market and consumer trends Helping to develop your ideas into concepts and eventually successful products and services Facilitating product innovation Positioning your brands, products and services within the […]

Vive les Freelances!

For many, the summer months represent the main point in the year to get away from the office for a week or two and *try to* forget about the workload that has been left behind and is piling up. But increasingly, the chance to decouple from the work state-of-mind and completely relax into holiday-mode gets […]

1 in 5 ‘Leave’ voters would change to ‘Remain’ in a second UK referendum on EU membership

  27-06-16 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Following last week’s referendum asking the UK public for its views on membership of the EU – in which 52% voted to leave – new research from Profundo Research & Insight can reveal that a second referendum might have a very different result. In a nationally representative survey carried out […]

Founder of Digital-i

Gideon has a rare quality of being a creative and imaginative thinker while at the same time being an outstanding analyst thus combining artistic right hemisphere ideas with analytical left hemisphere thinking. The result is that he can provide ‘ outside the box’ solution to a problem which is backed by numbers