Here is an interesting question for you. Whether you work in sales, marketing, media, content creation, product development, distribution, operations (or wherever), businesses and organisations have audiences. For most of them, one of the most crucial audiences is the consumer.

So how well do you know your consumer?

To test your knowledge, answer the following questions honestly. Those who believe they can answer all or most of them, fantastic. But just how correct do you think your answers are? You may have been right a year or two ago but are you still sure you’re right today? Those who struggle to answer them, perhaps start to think about how you find the answers.

In either case, why not come talk to us

  • What would your audience say are your 3 best qualities?

  • Why do they buy from you?

  • What one thing could you do to make them like you more?

  • What is the next product or brand extension that your audience is waiting for you to develop?

  • What does your audience think about the way you communicate to them?

  • What do you do to annoy your audience?

  • Where does your audience place you relative to your competitors?

Just how well do you know your audience?

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