Or put another way… how to make your business look like Plato or Aristotle.

Demonstrating that you have fresh knowledge, understanding and insight into a particular market, sector or target audience is a fantastic way to stand-out in today’s super competitive marketplace.

Given the fact that we live in such a consumer-centric world (where the really successful businesses put customers at the heart of what they do), thought-leadership around consumers, their behaviours and attitudes can really catch attention.

Journalists in the trade and marketing press love to receive good content that helps their publication to share in, and benefit from, the kudos that this type of new thinking will generate.

With a bit of careful planning you can see a huge and positive impact on your business with just a modest investment in research – from increased PR, more in-bound enquiries, higher awareness and a boost to brand perception; a great way for you to bolster your existing marcomms activity.

I’ve worked on a number of pieces of work like this and I can tell you they are really, really effective.

If you think your business would benefit from this type of work then I would be very happy to offer some free advice. Or perhaps your publicity team/agency would like to know more? My contact details are here.

**Leans in**

Of course I shouldn’t really be telling you this but you can often manage the questions you ask to get the kind of response you are looking for. My experiment using Google surveys from 2014 showed quite a sensational result 😉

Elevate your brand through Thought Leadership

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