How high is your ‘Customer IQ’?

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Businesses and organisations which better understand their customers and potential customers are in a much stronger position compared to their competitors. 

By really getting under the skin of their customer base, they find new ways to provide more relevant products and services and communicate in far more effective ways.

Those who identify and implement changes and improvements to what they do are far more likely to excel in what is a very competitive world.

In short, understanding customers – or having greater levels of Customer IQ –  leads to  greater levels of success.

Learn. Implement. Succeed.

By ‘understanding’ customers, we mean everything from their:

  • Profile and demographics
  • Interests and motivations – what really makes them tick
  • Behaviours – both on and offline
  • Preferences and the reasons for their choices and decisions
  • Needs and requirements from you and your competitors

And how this understanding relates to your products, you services and your marketing and communication.

As a way of gauging how much you understand about your customers, we’ve put together a short Customer IQ test.

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