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  • Enabling you to set-up your own research
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What are you looking to do today?

Commission a research project

Are you looking to commission a research project? Do you have a research / insight brief that you need a bright, enthusiastic agency to respond to? We offer qual and quant project delivery to a range of clients...

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Set up your own research

Are you looking to set-up a research programme from scratch? Are you already running your own research but are in need of some advice to improve what you are doing?

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Find research / insight support

You may have a specific piece of work you need to outsource or you may be looking for an extra pair of hands to support your insight team. We have the perfect person for you...

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What can brands learn from Populism?

Populism: “a political strategy based on a calculated appeal to the interests or prejudices of ordinary people“ (one of the definitions of ‘populism’ from Dictionary.com). A little under two weeks into the new US Presidency and the world already appears to have turned upside down. If you are in any way ever-so-slightly left of the new Alt-Right […]

Beware… Karoshi

In 2016, the internet was awash with stories of ‘death from overwork’ in Japan. Karoshi as it is known is a genuine phenomenon which puts 20% of Japan’s employees at risk. Japan is making efforts to establish a better work-life balance, recognising the risks posed to its workforce from too much work and too little […]

Netflix: a coming of age

So much has already been written and will be written about Netflix… its success since launching a streaming service 10 years ago, its strong share price, its ability to leverage global audiences through content, its $6bn budget, its short-comings as a sustainable business, its tiny profit margins, its bubble which is about to burst. Whatever your […]